Public writings

Covid-19 in China: From ‘Chernobyl Moment’ to Impetus for Nationalism, Made in China, May 2020

Racism and the Belt and Road in CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, The Diplomat, Feb 2018

The curious rise of ‘white left’ as a Chinese internet insult, openDemocracy, May 2017

社会权利并非天赋:福利国家的前生今世, 腾讯大家,2017年12月22日


Note: Tencent Dajia was shut down on 20 February 2020, amid moves to tighten control over coronavirus criticisms. Both the website and its wechat channel disappeared from the internet. I keep the links on this page as a reminder of its once existence. 

Press mentions and interviews

Voice of America; Quartz; Al Jazeera English; TV2 (Denmark); VRT (Belgium); Columbia Journalism Review; SupChina; Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything; Inkstone News; Bloomberg News; The New York Review of Books; Quartz

The Battle for Another World: The Progressive Response to the New Right (policy report)

In Chinese: 随机波动


时差 In-betweenness